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Ground state properties of Na2IrO3 using tensor-network method (Japanese)
SU(N) Heisenberg model with multicolumn representations (Japanese)
A scaling relation dangerously irrelevant symmetry-breaking fields (Japanese)
Phase transitionboundary of two-dimensional Ising models with striped randomness (Japanese)
Ostwald Ripening in Multiple-Bubble Nuclei
Parallelized Quantum Monte Carlo Algorithm with a Non-local Worm Update (Japanese)
Commensurate supersolid phase (Japanese)
Finite-Temperature Transition of the Antiferromagnetic Heisenberg Mondel on a Distorted Kagome Lattice (Japanese)
Asymptotic Dimensional Reduction near a Quantum Critical Point of BCT XY Model
Quantum Annealing Method(Japanese)
Monte Carlo Simulation of Triangular Antiferromagnets with Easy-axis Anisotropy(Japanese)
Entanglement Entropy of Valence Bond Solid on Two-dimensional Lattice(Japanese)
Two-dimensional SU(N) Heisenberg Model with Multi-spin Interactions
Crossover behavior from decoupled criticality(Japanese)
Quantum Monte Carlo method for the Bose-Hubbard model with harmonic confining potential(Japanese)
Monte Carlo Study of Two-Dimensional Heisenberg Dipolar Lattices(Japanese)
First-Order Transition to Incommensurate Phase in Frustrated Heisenberg Model (Japanese)
Finite-temperature transition in a quasi-2D Bose gas trapped in the harmonic potential (Japanese)
Sharp peaks in the momentum distribution of bosons in optical lattices in the normal state
Exotic phase diagram at finite temperature in S=1/2 XXZ spin chains with weak interchain coupling
Finite-Temperature Transition in the Spin-Dimer Antiferromagnet BaCuSi2O6 (Japanese)
Modification of directed-loop algorithm for continuous space simulation of Bosonic systems (Japanese)
Supersolid of hardcore Bosons on the face-centered cubic lattice
Quantum Monte Carlo Simulation of Heisenberg Model with Uni-axial Anisotropy (Japanese)
Emergent Spatial Structures in SU(N) Heisenberg Model
Tree Approximation to Spin Glass Models